Terms and Conditions

We like to be up front with our customers, so here’s what you can expect from us and we’ll expect from you. We’ll keep the font large enough for you to read it, too!

Many items are fabricated upon ordering, and may require some time to get them built before they’re shipped. We’ll put a notice on these products so you know what the typical time required is. You should get an e-mail from us after you place the order with an estimated time to ship. If you don’t receive this within 48 hours, or you want a faster response, please contact us. You can also inquire in advance of ordering, or request faster processing.

You’ll need to pay for your item before we’ll start processing your order. You can cancel your order before it ships or return items subject to our return policy.

We will respect your privacy, and not use information you provide except as described in our privacy policy.

Most items are sold with a limited warranty.

Fraudulent transactions or behavior will be reported to the proper authorities, and any available legal actions will be taken.

From time to time, we may change or update these policies. We won’t send out notifications, so please check the T&C’s page prior to ordering.