’70 – ’71 Ford Torino GT Ram Air


Torino GT’s in the ’70’s have an integrated hood scoop that makes it more difficult to add an effective ram air system. This kit ducts the air from your hood scoop into your engine to increase your HP by up to 5% or more!

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LAST BUILD -- when they’re gone, they’re gone!

While this product is exciting for us, the economics no longer fit due to a number of factors. We decided to rip out one last build as there had been requests building up for a while. Most of those were spoken for after the initial announcement. Whatever stock is left on the website is all that will be left. Shipping is expected in mid-December.

Thank you so much for your support!


Torino GT Ram Air

Frustrated by the cost of a Torino GT Ram Air system, either the factory or reproductions? This system takes a different approach and adds a metal plenum to the underside of your hood to duct the air to the RamDuct™ air cleaner base, which then delivers that cold air into your engine to increase power and efficiency. All this at a fraction of the cost! Sorry, no longer available for dual-quads.

Photo of Torino GT

...and the RamDuct™ RAI base seals against it to finish the job.

Image of Torino GT RamDuct Base - Round

The steel plenum bolts to your hood, funneling the air in from the hood scoop...


RamDuct(tm) Ram Air Intake

"I got it all installed and it fit perfectly. I took it for a drive and the air cleaner lid was cool to the touch. Before you needed gloves to remove it."

-Cory W.

You’re losing HP!

Your open element air filter is feeding your engine hot air and costing you power and gas mileage. Get up to 5% more horsepower with a 5 minute bolt-on using the RamDuct™ Cold Air Intake system! There isn’t an easier performance upgrade that you could buy!

Designed for your car

This kit is designed specifically to enable your Torino/Ranchero GT hood scoop to do its job - direct cold, outside air straight into your engine. The steel plenum works with a specialized RamDuct(tm) RAI base to block out hot underhood air, and duct cold air in.

How much faster?

Car Craft Magazine lowered their E.T. by 0.29 seconds and increased trap speed by 4 MPH using a cold air intake on their project car. See “Mustang Cold-Air Induction”, Car Craft Magazine, July 2001.

Of course, your results may vary

How much power will your engine gain? Boost your horsepower with a RamDuct(tm) Ram Air Intake now!

Other Important Information

2x4BBL is no longer available, although it is shown in the pictures. We welcome additional customer photos to add to the gallery!

Only available unpainted, bare steel.

This kit comes with everything you need to duct the cold air into your engine for most applications, including: the plenum, screws to attach the plenum to the hood, special slanted RamDuct RAI base to match the slope of the hood/plenum, seal, and carb mounting gasket. Just add a 14" air filter and lid. The Ford "Hi-Po" lid and air filter also work although they're a bit smaller.

Some Edelbrock carburetors with automatic choke may require a spacer to clear the choke assembly. Approximately 1/4" additional space is needed. Spacers are available at many auto parts stores.

Instructions can be found in Support.

These are normally made to order, please allow 3-4 weeks for fabrication.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 2 in



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