Trac-Pac™ SQ Sequential Shift Light

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Sequential shift light or multi-stage shift light and performance optimizer mobile app. Control shift light wirelessly, log your RPM and optimize driving.

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Sequential Shift Light and Performance Optimizer App

Are you sure you're shifting at the right time? Most shift lights tell you when to shift, but given your reaction time and how long it actually takes to make a shift, you probably don't know what RPM you're actually shifting at. The Trac-Pac™ SQ Sequential Shift Light with the Performance Optimizer App will enable you to see when you're actually shifting and adjust when the lights activate so you can shift at the right time, every time!


Now the app also logs lateral and forward acceleration, which you can view when your mobile device is in landscape orientation! See how much G-force you can hold in corners or when launching or braking.

NOW with 2 ways to install:
1. Connect shift light to a switched 12V, ground, and tach connection (negative coil terminal etc)

2. Connect shift light to a switched 12V, ground, and then plug in a wireless VEEPEAK OBD-II plug-in module, or now the VGate or Tonwon modules that have a very low-current standby mode (sold separately by 3rd party, these models are the only ones tested with the shift light at this time). MAKE SURE TO GET THE Bluetooth 4.0 or later version and not a Wi-Fi version! VGate OBD-II adapter

Want to control nitrous, an air shifter, or anything else based on RPM? Just add the RPM Switch accessory. It's a relay box designed to receive a signal from the shift light to control other devices!

Image of Trac-Pac™ Sequential Shift Light In Car

Easy Set-Up

Set up in minutes using the app, no need to even start your engine! Select from a range of modes including sequential, progressive, or multi-stage. Select the RPM's each stage of lighting activates at. Set dimming for night time driving (if connected to instrument lights) The App is only needed for setup, shift light will work standalone after setup.

Now the shift light can connect wirelessly to a VEEPEAK OBD-II adapter, no need to connect a tach signal (on vehicles with OBD-II)!

Image of Performance Optimizer App Settings

Real-Time Data and Logging

After connecting to the shift light (press the "CONNECT" button), a real-time chart is displayed as well as a virtual shift light and RPM text box. Great to see what's going on now, or press the record button to start logging RPM data for later review. Turn to landscape to also view lateral and forward acceleration (now the shift light has an on-board accelerometer!)

Image of Performance Optimizer App Main ScreenImage of Performance Optimizer App Landscape with Acceleration Chart

Fine Tune Your Driving

Log the RPM during your run, and see when you're actually shifting. Fine-tune the lighting activation to shift at your desired RPM. Automatic performance stats give you the data you need at a glance when you review your datalog. Spot wheel-spin and top-end ignition or fuel cutout. Export the data as a CSV file, analyze it in a spreadsheet or use it with video overlay software. Turn to landscape to view acceleration during real-time playback!

Performance Optimizer App Log ViewImage of Performance Optimizer App Landscape with Acceleration Log racing in action with the 1st Generation Trac-Pac SQ Sequential Shift Light!

"Your shift light is awesome!  My driver loves it. I think you have a winner on your hand. It is so simple and so effective."

- Ali A. Racing

Is your driving optimized? Dial it in TODAY with the Trac-Pac SQ Sequential Shift Light and Performance Optimizer App.

These shift lights are packed with features, here’s a few more!

Export CSV-format data logs for offline analysis, or import them into a video/data overlay program such as RaceRender 3 by HP Tuners
– Several animation options, fade between levels, and reverse the progression
– Choose if the lights flash, shift to full brightness, or flash at full brightness when highest level is triggered
– Connect to your instrument lights and the brightness will dim automatically at night when you turn your headlights on
– Demo mode so you can see how the lights will behave without revving your engine (or even starting it)
– Precisely control an external relay based on RPM (additional accessory required, sold separately) for nitrous, air shifter, etc.
– Connect a button to remotely start/stop logging on your mobile device, useful when gloves make it hard to press the touch screen
– Settings for different vehicles or tracks can be stored in the app for fast configuration
– When viewing logs, gear shifts are automatically detected (based on RPM behavior) and several statistics are calculated like RPM at shift time, max RPM and time spent in the gear

Other Important Information

Mobile phone not included. Requires devices with Android 4.3 or later, or iPhone 4s or newer running iOS 5 or later. We recommend downloading the app if you’re not sure. Run the app, and you should get an error if your device or OS does not support this. Of course, if communication doesn’t work you can return the item subject to our return policy.

Only intended for use in motor vehicles. Only recommended for use on closed motorsports venues, use at your own risk.

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