Wireless RPM Switch for Trac-Pac™ Shift Lights


A wireless RPM switch accessory for Trac-Pac™ Shift Lights. Easy 3-wire installation and set up the switching RPM in the mobile app.

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Need to turn on some device at a specific RPM or within an RPM window? This is the easy way to integrate a wireless RPM-activated switch in your vehicle to complement your Trac-Pac™ Shift Light (requires the shift light to have firmware version 2.14 or higher, contact us if you already have a gen 2 shift light and need to upgrade the FW).

This accessory is similar to the RPM Switch Accessory, but does not need any wires connecting it to the shift light. The shift light will connect to this wireless RPM switch automatically and turn the relay inside it on any off based on the settings you set up in the app. After setup, there is no need for the app to be connected, the shift light and wireless RPM switch will run standalone.

Capable of switching up to an 8A continuous load. If more current is needed, use the RPM switch to drive another relay. Includes an approximately 3 foot long cable.

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