Trac-Pac™ Stealth Shift Light

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A hideaway version of the Trac-Pac™ Shift Lights, where the controls can be tucked away and smaller LED circuit boards can be integrated more seamlessly. Lots of flexibility for custom solutions!

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The Trac-Pac™ Stealth Shift Light is NOW AVAILABLE WITH THE 8-LED CONFIGURATION. This is a stealthier version of the Trac-Pac™ series of shift lights, with features similar to the other Trac-Pac shift lights. The electronics are housed in a separate enclosure, however, which enables the LED’s to tuck into small spaces. We can develop custom LED configurations to fit specific applications. Contact us to be notified of new designs, and let us know if you have a specific LED configuration in mind.

Shown in the picture is the standard 8-LED version, which includes a 3-foot hookup cable for the shift light electronic box and a 3-foot cable to the LED circuit board.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in



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